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Infra Orbital and Mental Nerve Infiltration Course

Our course looks at:

• The basic physiology of nerve conduction
• Anatomy of the mental nerve and infra-orbital nerve
• The molecular basis of local anaesthesia
• Types of local anaesthesia
• Dental cartridge delivery system
• Patient selection
• Techniques for delivery of local anaesthesia
• Management of difficult cases
• Local complications
• Systemic complications
• Medico-legal considerations

This half day training course covers the theoretical aspects of dental block and nerve infiltration as well as the practical aspects of hands-on practice.
This course is a competency based and assessed course. This means that we will observe and assess the level of knowledge and standard of skills attained throughout the course. A certificate of completion of the course is issued at the end of the day providing that all standards have been met to a satisfactory level.


You will need to provide a model for the practical session. It is usual for delegates on the course to perform the practical session on each other. Due to the very nature of this course it can be difficult for us to obtain willing models but please do ask if you need to and we will always try our best to find you a model.


Training Dates

Training Date Test #3

29 September 2009 at High Batchampton, price: £398.52

Training Date Test #4

16 October 2009 at North Wallingford, price: £500

Training Date Test #1

27 October 2009 at Upper Netherwick, price: £45.00

Training Date Test #5

31 October 2009 at Nether Wallop, price: £30

Training Date Test #2

05 November 2009 at Little Steadhampton, price: £55.00

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